Genealogy Information

Looking for information on a relative that had ties to Jennings County? Below is some useful information to help you on your genealogy quest.

The Jennings County Public library, located in North Vernon, Indiana is a very good place to begin your research. They hold indexes to many of the early county records. The library also houses a set of binders containing reading of the cemetery stones for a very large portion of Jennings County. Most of these reading were done in the early 1970s. The library also have a very large obituary card file, that is being added to frequently.

The Court records begin in 1817, and most are still held in the Courthouse that was built in 1859. At the courthouse you will find the original marriage record volumes. Until the mid-1880s only the bride, groom and officiate of the ceremony were recorded. There is an occasional "consent to marry" attached if either party was underage, but they are few. The will and probate records as well as other records requiring action by the court are also held with the Clerk of Courts.

Recently an annex was built to house many of the other county offices. This annex is across the street from the old courthouse. In the annex you will find the Recorder's office where the land transaction records are housed. Also you will find in this building the Department of Health office which holds the birth and death records for Jennings County. Birth and death records were not collected until 1882. Many of the early death records are very sketchy in the amount of data they collected.

The Jennings County Historical Society has for sale several books relating to Jennings County's history.