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Below is a list of some of the books we have for sale in our museum.

Powell Crosley, The Sportsman ~ Photos $10.00
Memories of Bigger Township, Jennings County Indiana - a spiral bound book with stories and pictures of people in Bigger Township which is in the southern part of Jennings County. $20.00
Historic Vernon published by the Vernon Clionian Society - A small paper back about Vernon. $5.00
Our Heritage - A Bicentennial Commemorative Booklet from 1976 - A series of historic articles on Vernon and Jennings County by Millie Leathers. $2.50
A Glimpse of Pioneer Life in Jennings County by Alice Ann Bundy - written by Ms. Bundy in the 1930s about Jennings County (1815-1875) $15.00
Growing Up Rich in Vernon, Indiana by Carol Spurlock Layman - A celebration of American small-town life in the 1940s and '50s. $19.95
Windows To the Past - postcard views of Jennings County, Indiana. $14.95
Post Offices of Jennings County Indiana - compiled by Tom Rice, a member of the Historical Society of Jennings County and the County Historian. It lists all the past and present post offices and the postmasters in Jennings County. It is a spiral bound book. $12.50
Legacy of Honor by Tom Rice. A list of Civil War soldiers and their dates of muster in and out and regiment. $20.00
Legacy of Honor II by Tom Rice. More information on the Civil War. Correspondence from officers, reports on Morgan, etc. $20.00

All prices are subject to change without notice.
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