The North American House Museum serves as the Headquarters of the Jennings County Historical Society. It houses thousands of Jennings County artifacts, photos, documents, and art pieces. In the parlor you can see Sarah Bolton's (Indiana poet who wrote "Paddle your own canoe") piano and other treasures. In the Military room we have examples of uniforms, Civil War ammunition, certificates of service, and maps. In the Gallery we are proud of our local artists such as Dalton Bolser, Jo Strope, and many others. We emphasize traditional arts including quilts, photography, and woodcrafts. The Railroad Wagon room houses the wagon but also showcasing Native American artifacts and railroad memorabilia. The upstairs showcases "Skyline Bill" Willman and the Russell Farms horse industry. It also displays spinning wheels, bedrooms in the 1800's, and many household items like coffee grinders, washing machines, and bicycles. Images of Jennings County appear throughout the museum with our large collection of Otto White Photographs.