Tell Us Your Story

A project by the Jennings County Historical Society and the Jennings County Community Foundation.

Tell Us Your Story is a documentary project that will include video interviews on DVD, audio recordings, and a coffee table book. The purpose of this project is to capture and preserve stories and memories from those with roots in Jennings County before those stories are lost.We are inviting all residents of Jennings County to participate in this special Bicentennial project. Don't miss your chance to share your story!

How Can You Participate?
Call the museum at (812) 346-8989 or Chris Asher at (812) 350-7081. You can also email jklfranklin@gmail.com.

What Can I Expect?
Just share your story! Tell us about your family, your roots to Jennings County and share your memories. We use a list of questions to serve as a guideline, but how you tell the story is up to you! Feel free to share special photos and momentos. Video interviews take place at the Jennings County Historical Society or we can make arrangements to come to your home.